D.I.Y Denim Choker#1

So, chokers have made a HUGE comeback in 2016 and I love it.

What I don’t LOVE however, are the prices. I’ve seen chokers from $20 and up and in my opinion, chokers are one of the easiest accessories you can make.

Today I am going to show you how easy it is.


What you are going to need:

  1. Any fabric of your choice (I wouldn’t advise using stretchy fabric)
  2. Diaper pins
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharp Scissors
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Old broken jewelry with clasps
  7. Needle
  8. Thread
  9. Fabric glue (optional)
  10. Charms (optional)

Your table should look a little something like this


Lets start making this choker.


  1. The first thing you want to do is take the Measuring tape and measure the part of your neck, where you want the choker to rest. Try your best to get an accurate measurement.

2. Now, take that number you got and subtract 1cm

For example my measurement was 34.5cm so I just took away 1cm so I used 33.5cm as my neck measurement (NM). You’re using a number smaller than your actual neck circumference to allow the clasp to determine how tight the choker is going to be. If you use your actual neck measurement and add the clasps to the end, the choker is going to be loose.

3. Take your cloth and plot out your NM (Write on the part of the cloth you DON’T want as the outside of your choker)


4. Now think about what thickness you want your choker to be and double that number. I wanted my choker to be 1 inch so I used the two points I created above as my mid point and measured 1 inch above and below the mark. You can do 2 inches from the points above if you wish.

5. When I marked out the points I just joined the lines I made with my pencil so you’ll get a rectangular shape

(I put the bottom arrow in the wrong place, but you get the idea)

6. Cut the strip out


7. Fold the cloth in half lengthways and make sure the part of the choker you want as your surface is on THE INSIDE. We are going to flip the choker inside out in later steps.


8. Use diaper pins to hold the folded cloth in place, so that you can sew the free edges with ease. Take your time sewing. What I did is nothing fancy, I just did a basic hemming stitch.

Make sure that your choker is flat while you’re sewing.


9. When you’re finished sewing the free edges, make sure the thread ends are secure and the cloth is still flat.

10. Remove the diaper pins


11. Now. This part you need to be careful. You have the turn the choker inside out without ripping out the stitching you did on the free edges. Please be careful. Otherwise you would have to do the sewing all over again.


12. Once you’ve completed that, adjust the choker so that the stitch with the free edge is running along the middle of the back. Then, iron the choker so it’s lying flat.


13. Burn the ends to prevent the thread from unraveling (please be very careful) or add a very thin layer of glue.


14. I took the end clasps from some of my old broken jewelry and I glued it to the ends of my choker. Adding the glue to the end loop makes it a lot easier to sew. The loop stays put while I am running a few stitches through it to secure it into place.


That’s it!!! Lol.

Optional Steps:

You can stitch charms or glue gems to your choker if you want to make it unique.



Please share this D.I.Y if you enjoyed it. It would really mean alot.

Thank you for reading 🙂