L.A. Colors Eye Makeup Brushes

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

This is the second addition to the Brush Hunt series.

This Brush Hunt is focused on the brand L.A Colors and the brushes they have to offer.

These brushes are on the lower end of the spectrum with the prices ranging from $2.50 the $7.00. There are a variety of brushes to choose from starting with your Angled Brow/ Liner brush to your Powder brush.

These don’t come in a set, so you would have to buy each brush individually which is typical with brushes that are on the lower end of the spectrum. Brush sets are a great way for companies to give you great brushes for a really reasonable price. If the individual brushes are a steal, you probably wouldn’t see them being sold in a set or you would see a set of 3.

These eye brushes are great for the price you are paying. The handles are sturdy. They come in individual plastic holding cases (as pictured below) LCAD79.1-X-500x500

I liked the packaging it came in, it was very simple sleek and gave the details like the type of hair, suggested ways to use the brush and how to clean them on the back of the boxes.



These brushes are all synthetic, cruelty free, made in China and designed in the U.S.

The three brushes I got were (from left to right):

1.Angled Eyeshadow brush ($2.50) ,  2. Tapered Blending brush ($3.50)

3. Large Shader Brush ($3.50)

Processed with VSCO with  preset

These 3 eye brushes that I got, they were great for the price. They promised softness and they delivered. Each brush is extremely soft, does not scratch the eyelids and blended my eyeshadow well. I would say that even though they are soft, the bristles aren’t really dense so you can’t put a lot of pressure on the brush when blending. The bristles would bend under the weight and eyeshadow is going to end up, where you don’t want it.

The look of these brushes are very very professional, I love the all black look it makes the product look more put together and classy. The brush looks more together and feels more sturdy than some of my other brushes that I paid more for. The stamp on the handle with the brand is  fine, the stamp on my Large shader brush is smudged but that is not a big deal to me. Once the brushes do their job, it is something I can easily over look. One thing I would have liked was having the names of the brushes on the handles. While writing this review in order to remember the brushes I bought, I had to go searching up on the website because I only kept one out of the 3 boxes I got my brushes in. Maybe they didn’t because they wanted to keep the price very affordable,  which I totally understand so again, I am willing to overlook that as well.

If you want to get these brushes you can find them on the L.A. Colors website here

(not an affiliate link)


Would I recommend these brushes?

Yup. Would not hesitate to do that

Am I going to purchase more?

Ummmm. Yes. I am going to get these same 3 brushes I got plus some of the Face brushes to test out. Really want to get my hand on the powder and blush brush especially.

Until next time,

The Makeup Reviewer.



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