Sacha Cosmetics Primer Review


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I have been looking for a good primer for a while. Even though I love Calamine Lotion as a primer and I use it regularly (check review) I just wanted to try something new, so I decided to invest in a Face primer.

My criteria were :

  1. Cheap. No more than $60
  2. Made for oily skin
  3. Easily accessible (No online shopping)
  4. Has more than a 3.5-star review on any trusted makeup purchasing site

It took me a couple days but I was able to start my search. When I scrolled through my local Instagram pages that sell makeup, I quickly realized that primers are really really expensive in Trinidad. I saw the

BECCA primer Full size for $350,

Hourglass was the same price full price and sample price was $150,

Benefit Full price was $250.

In other words, any primer that you could get off Sephora, I could not afford. 

So I decided to keep my searching in beauty supply stores (Pennywise). I went to the beauty supply store with my research at hand. The most recommended primer I kept seeing over and over again to date is the Revlon Colourstay Primer.

It fit most of my criteria. It was for oily skin, easily accessible and had a 4-star review on Amazon. Now for the finale, is the price in my budget? I went in with my high hopes only to be let down by the $100 price tag. NOOOOOOOPE! 

As a university student that gets $500 a month to survive in the cold Trini streets, I am absolutely not going to spend 1/5 of my allowance on a face product. Makeup is not more important than food. 

So the search continued.

 It was a task. One primer that I kept stumbling across in any beauty supply store was the Sacha Cosmetics Mattifying Primer. I knew it existed but I was extremely hesitant because I have been extremely disappointed in A LOT of Sacha Products over the years as an MUE.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

If you are not familiar, Sacha Cosmetics is a Trinidadian makeup brand which was established in 1979 by a gentleman called Kama Maharaj. 

This line was started to supply women of color with makeup to suit their skin tone and to give another option on the market to makeup artists who work with women of color. 

You may be familiar with their biggest product to date which is their Buttercup powder. It is a black girl’s staple. 

It is a better alternative than using translucent powder under the eyes, which tends to leave a white cast. That’s a little product promo for them. 

Since their start in 1979, they have branches in 45 countries and won countless awards over the years.

P.S: Let me just clear this up quick for some people that may be confused or misinformed but even though Sacha Cosmetics was created by people of color and cater to black women, it is not a black owned business as stated by other bloggers. Let me repeat, Sacha is NOT a B.O.M.B (black owned makeup brand). Just want to clear the air. Moving on.

Back to the story, I kept ignoring the primer because I didn’t want another disappointment from Sacha. I did not want to waste my money on yet another dud. 

A while back, I was at Pennywise in Grand bazaar and this time I REALLY needed a primer. 

Waited too long and got tired of being in and out of my beauty supply store multiple times for the month. 

I walked the isles to see the Jordana Face Primer. This was around $26 which was cool. I checked the reviews online and I saw that it was not friendly to oily skin, so that was a no. 

Then Revlon display, I SEE THE COLOURSTAY PRIMER ON SALE!!!!! ANNNNndddddd it’s $75. Ughhhh. Still out of my price range. Walked around the big display to see Sacha. Yet again, staring at me. I took the tester primer, squeezed a little out of the tube and rubbed it on the back of my hand. 

Surprisingly, it felt great. Not oily at all, it felt matte. I was still very skeptical. Took 5 minutes in front the display, talking to myself a couple of times, picking it up and putting it back and debating in my mind if I should spend the $50 dollars. Finally, I headed toward the cashier with my primer and my other stuff I needed and did not look back. So glad I did that.

This primer is amazing.

On Sacha’s website, they did not make any large, bizarre claims other than it keeps your makeup lasting for 8 hours and keeps you oil free and controls shine for that time as well. 

This is a basic claim that all companies use and we all roll our eyes in “Whatever” because we all know a lot of the times this is never true. But wait my pretties. 

This baby lasted me 8 hours like it claimed. I wore foundation for my granduncle’s funeral and my face looked great.

 There was no weirdness going on with my foundation around my nose and my foundation did not look cakey.

 It is a lightweight, non-silicone formula that goes on wet and after a few minutes when settled is a little sticky, which I assume is great, because it holds the makeup better and longer. This is one thing that really surprised me. 

For the Trinidadian pretties that read my blog, If you remember what grape Flavorite Penne Cool smells like, this primer smells JUST like this. It was so pleasant because it was one of my favorites growing up.

Processed with VSCO with  presetProcessed with VSCO with  presetProcessed with VSCO with  preset

The cons of this primer. The only thing I could think about is the packaging. 

The hole that the product comes out from. Annoying to say the least.

 It is really small and it decreases the amount of product that is pushed out, which is great but it is still so annoying to me.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

The only con, which would really affect my US residents. It is a little pricey, it is $20. The shipping is $7.95. 

You can avoid this by ordering it on Amazon. I believe with Amazon Prime you get free shipping.

Anyway, that’s all I have to share about this product. It’s good for the price and it works. It really does work!


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