Calamine Lotion? As a primer?


Yes. You read the title right.

Yes. Calamine lotion.

No. I’m not crazy…..yet

Let me start of by saying, I have very oily skin. I’m that one person whose trademark is a shiny face.

It is something I have had to deal with for a very long time and it is also something that kept me from experimenting with face makeup because I knew within 20 minutes ,my face would go back to being greasy.

I’ve tried primers like the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer (that’s terrible btw) and I’ve tried more inexpensive, odd products as primers like Aloe Vera Gel and but nothing worked.

I’ve always read about the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector but it’s wayyyyy out of my price range.

That primer is $300-$400 dollars (NOT IN US CURRENCY. PUT YOUR PITCH FORKS DOWN) which is very fair considering shipping costs, exchange rate,profit the business has to make…etc.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 12.06.49
One of the local Facebook sellers

After trying to make the Aloe Vera Gel work for me…..again (didn’t go so well) , I hopped onto Google out of frustration to see if I can get another primer suggestion *rolls eyes*

Didn’t get good suggestions.

Hopped on Pinterest, scrolled for a bit, then I saw this: (circled in red)

Screenshot 2016-09-03 12.54.03

Check out her blog! Let her know I gave her a shout out:

At first I thought it was Milk of Magnesia she was using, which is commonly suggested and I was going to scroll past it, until I saw lower down in the description that it was Calamine Lotion. The same Calamine lotion for sunburns, insect bites, rashes and poison ivy.

After I read her post, I did some reading on my own and I noticed that people with cystic and hormonal acne recommend it because it reduces oil and prevent break out. I was sold. I went out, got a small bottle and you guys. This is f@#$ing amazing.

This is the one I use but any other brand should be fine






  1. Cleanse your face. This should go without saying. Always give your face a good cleanse before applying makeup
  2. Apply some moisturizer
  3. Pat off some of the extra moisturizer
  4. Pour the calamine lotion onto the back of your hand or in the cover of the bottle
  5. Take a brush(I bought a cheap stippling brush) and apply the Calamine lotion evenly all over your face or in the places you get oily the most.

(You could use a cosmetic sponge- Not your beauty blender boo- or a Cotton ball)

N.B: Make sure to give your face a minute to dry before applying foundation. When you apply Calamine lotion to your face, your face is going to be white so don’t get scared. The foundation is going to cover everything.

That’s it basically!

Now, I tried this two ways: With and without moisturizer. Looking at results at the end of the day, I preferred my face without a moisturizer. I didn’t have any shininess anywhere for about 8 hours. With the moisturizer, I got shininess in a small area near my nose and that was it.

Another pro, I don’t have alot of breakouts but I’ve noticed that a lot of my pimples have reduced in size. Yes. Reduced.

Without a moisturizer

This is 20 minutes after application (No filters. I promise)
This is 5 hours after application (It’s my friend I cropped out. Privacy)


I highly suggest this you guys. Highly highly suggest it.

*Links denoted with a ❋ denotes a affiliate link.


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